Boundrie™ Fast Sling Puck Game - The Timeless Game for Family & Friends

Christmas is approaching, get this new Fast Sling Puck game. The whole family will love it!



  • Increase parent-child interaction -A great board game for 2 players. The perfect game to play with friends and family
  • Improve your reflexes - It's a fast-paced game of strategy and reflex. Strengthen your reflexes & hand-eye coordination
  • Good for all ages - An exciting game for the whole family. Simple and fun for all ages. 
  • Classic family game - Perfect to get out at Christmas and spend some time with family
  • Premium quality - The solid wood frame and pucks give the game a satisfying feel as you score points.

Game Rules:

  • This game is played by 2 people.
  • Place 5 pucks on each side.
  • The object of the game is to send all the pucks to the other side. To do this, they must pass through the slot in the middle, using a rubber band.
  • Whoever manages to send all the pucks to the other side wins!

Package includes:

Fast Sling Puck Game board (35x22x2.2 cm) x1

Sling Pucks x 20