Boundrie™ HD Phone Screen Magnifier

Enjoy a high-quality, HD movie or video wherever you are, perfect for kids and adults!

Magnify the screen 2-4 times, providing ultra-wide viewing with 12-inch HD screen. Ideal screen curvature provides a truly immersive viewing experience.


  • Perfect for travelling - If you're travelling and need a bigger screen, this has you covered.
  • Foldable design - compact and easy to take with you on your travels
  • Universal - Suitable for all smartphones.
  • Easy to use - Simply place your phone on the stand, no complicated tech orr wires needed
  • Curved screen - Curved to provide the best possible viewing experience.
  • Great for all ages - Perfect for those with bad eyesight or children watching their favourite cartoons


Screen size: 12-inch

1x Boundrie™ HD Phone Screen Magnifier