Boundrie™ Smart Pill Storage 600ML Water Bottle


Never miss taking a pill again! The newest and most convenient way to store your daily pills.

Remembering to take your pills can be a big hassle. You need to have access to water and to your daily pills. This can be problematic and mean you'll stay stuck inside to avoid forgetting.

This bottle solves both of those problems!

Store your daily pills and have water to take them - on the move! No matter where you are, you know you've got your pills to hand.



  • Pillbox - Store up to 7 days worth of pills for when you're away from home
  • Travel-friendly - Perfect if you're away from home and need to make sure you take your pills
  • Great for at-home - Perfect for at home to have your water and pills all in 1 place
  • Removable cup - Remove the lid which doubles up as a cup to take your pills
  • Never miss a pill - Say bye-bye to that horrible feeling you get when you miss a pill
  • Robust - High quality and long-lasting


Material: Plastic
Size: 23cm x 7.5cm
Pill storage: 7 Days