Boundrie™ Portable Food Mincer


Mince, chop, grind, puree & dice with the push of a button.

Cut your cooking time down in half with the easiest new kitchen gadget. Handles any task with ease and puts the fun back into cooking!


  • All in 1 - Mince, chop, grind, puree & dice- Fits all of your cooking needs.
  • Portable and wireless - Easily use anywhere in the kitchen without limits.
  • No mess - Prepare your food without any mess or waste, easy to clean.
  • Quick & easy - Get your food ready for cooking within 10 seconds.


Material: Stainless steel blade, ABS plastic
Charging: USB Rechargeable battery
Rated power: 30W
Capacity: 100ml/ 250ml
100ml: 8.7x8.7x7.7cm
250ml: 9.7*8.7*8.7cm

What's in the box:

x1 Boundrie™ Portable Food Mincer
x1 USB charging wire