Boundrie™️ Magic Washing Gloves


No more dirty sponges & no more dried out skin!

100% safe for food-associated use. The gloves have a special cleaning scrubber which makes cleaning your dishes an effortless act.


Anti-bacterial: The Magic Cleaning Gloves are made of anti-bacterial silicone which allows you to clean food safely.

Non-slip & Clean Effectively: Thanks to the silicone bristles, you can clean and remove grease easily. Saves you time cleaning up.

Heat resistant: It is heat resistant up to 160 degrees celsius which means you can clean with boiled water. You can Reuse, Sanitize, and reuse again -- You'll never buy sponges again!

Durable & longlasting: Tear and break-resistant. Strong against acids, detergents, dish soaps and cleaning chemicals.


Size: 160x350mm

Material: Silicone

Weight: 140g

Package Included: 1 x Pair Magic Washing Gloves