Boundrie™️ Blue Light Glasses

Frame Color

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light!

Blocking out blue light with our glasses has a variety of potential benefits - ranging from reduced eye strain to better sleep.


Reduce eyestrain - Too much exposure to blue light staring at screens all day can really strain the eyes. It's become so normalized you don't notice your eyes are straining until you try our glasses.

Reduce headaches - The built-up strain over time can result in a headache, making you unproductive and frustrated.

Better sleep - Prolonged exposure to blue light slows the production of the sleep hormone, which can result in worse sleep quality & difficulty sleeping

One size fits all - Our glasses are designed to fit most people right out of the box.

You only have 1 pair of eyes, protect them!


Size - Universal
Gender - Unisex
Frame height - 49mm
Frame width - 52mm