Boundrie™ Glowing Glass

Cool and classy just found each other.

This glowing glass is fun, elegant, and totally unique. Lights up automatically when you pour any type of liquid into the glass, creates a perfect atmosphere, and lets you enjoy a glass of drink with the beautiful glowing light.

It’s gonna level-up your charm and add a touch of class to anyone who uses it.


  • Automatically lights up: The lights turn on when there’s liquid in the glass and off when it’s empty. That way you never waste power.
  • Easy to use: Battery operated to keep things easy. Glows whenever you pour the drink in.
  • Food-safe material: No toxins or chemicals. Can be used safely.
  • Stronger than glass: It's see-through and as elegant as glass, but it won’t break like glass. Stays strong after any nicks or easy drops.
  • Lightweight: Super-light and feels good in your hand.


Battery: built-in battery
Capacity: 200ml
Materials: acrylic glass 

Package Includes:

x 1 Boundrie™ Glowing Glass