Boundrie™ Cream/Egg Whisker

This multifunctional blender is ideal for mixing egg whites, creamy ingredients and mixing or striking light cakes. The ergonomic grip handle provides comfort during mixing. Absolutely a great tool that can help you save more time and keep the kitchen clean.


Whipping evenly - Its semi-auto whisking design, allows you to beat eggs more evenly, performs better than any egg beater or cream whisker.

Easy to use - Easy to grasp the handle, lets you get the job done with less than half effort you used to put in. Perfect for everyone to use.

Time-saving - it's designed to mix the ingredients smoothly and quickly, saves time cooking and make things easier.

Multi-use: It can be used to whisk egg white, stir cream, mayonnaise, juice and so on. Also comes with an egg white separator, helps you easily separate egg white and yolk.

Non-slipping: the bottom is designed with a non-slip mat, helps it to stay stable and still whiling in use, super easy and satisfying.


Capacity: 1100ml

Material: ABS+PET

Weight: ~500g

Package Includes:

x 1 Boundrie™ Cream/Egg Whisker

x 1 Egg white separator