Boundrie™ Kids Learning Drawing Tablet 12 Inch


How many times has your kid asked to play on your phone?

Kids are fascinated with technology. Rather than give them a phone or ipad, why not give them a drawing tablet. It still keeps them hooked but promotes creativity and learning!


  • Promote learning - A new way to keeps kids engaged with learning to write and draw.
  • A head start - Give your child a headstart with writing and drawing and spark a passion.
  • Easy wipe - 1 button to wipe the screen with reverse 'undo' option
  • Large screen - 12 inch screen size for all types of drawing and writing
  • Travel - Amazing for travelling journeys where you wouldn't usually be able to draw
  • Keep them occupied - Keeps kids occupied for hours and let them show you their drawing with pride



Screen size: 11.5 inch
Flexible LCD panel, ABS frame
Power: USB rechargeable