Boundrie™️ X Microfiber floor mop

From now you can get all awkward corners and angles cleaned with one mop!

Our X-type Microfiber floor mop is designed to clean all possible corners and angles, easily squeeze excessive water out like magic! 


Clean difficult to reach spots: The handle of X Power Mop extends to 1.2m to let you get up high into alcoves, for cobwebs and hard-to-reach dust, or to work as a sturdy handle while mopping floors or cleaning windows

Cover any corner: 360° Rotating Head and X-shaped design allow you to really push the microfibre pads into and around corners, furniture legs, recesses and any nook or cranny that ordinary mops would leave untouched.

Can be wet or dry: Each machine-washable microfibre pad can absorb up to 3 times its weight in liquid. Can also press the button to dry easily.

Multiuse microfiber pads: Comes with 3 types of microfiber pads for different use. Absorb the smallest dirt and dust particles, leave no scratch on the floor.

Easy to clean: one button to twist, squeeze the water out with no effort.


Size: 23 x 6 x 2.91 inches/58 x 15 x 7 cm

Weight: 1kg

Package Included: 1 x X Microfiber floor mop