Boundrie™️ Beard Growth Kit

With the new beard growing kit, growing a full beard will no longer be a dream.

The Beard Growth Kit has been developed to create the best conditions for the growth of your beard. Grow the beard you've always dreamed of.


Stimulate beard growth: The Beard Roller consists of 540 titanium needles which create microscopic channels and activate the body's natural healing process. Proven to increases blood circulation, stimulates sleeping follicles, and maximizes serum absorption.

Repair damaged cells: The Activator will improve your beard growth together with The Beard Roller. It does so by creating the best micro-environment to repair the damaged cell and reactivate hair growth.

Natural & Nutritious: Contains 100% natural, active ingredients, Biotin, Arginine, and the wonder child, Capilia Longa.

All-in-one: The kit comes with 1 Beard Roller, 1 Activator, 1 Beard Cleanser and 1 Keychain Comb. 

How to use: By simply following the 4-step process to improve beard density and thickness.

1. Disinfect the Beard Roller with Beard Cleanser: spray 2-3 times, let it dry for 20 seconds.

2.Apply the Beard Activator: Apply beard growth essence and massage until fully absorbed.

3. Activate beard growth with the Beard Roller: gently roll back and forth about 10 times on the area where the activator needs to be applied.

4. Beard Comb: Massage and comb, promoting blood flow and growth.


Growth Solution: 30ml

Beard Cleanser: 15ml

Package Included1 x Boundrie™️ Beard Growth Kit